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The demand of "know how", technologies, professional foreign companies remains steady in Russia and in the former Soviet Union countries.

However, a foreign company has to deal with many questions such as how, where, when and who it must trust and rely on in order to be present on a territory which it does not know. Everything, of course, must be done limiting the commercial start up costs and business risks, while respecting programs and professional standards.

Italy Consulting answers to all these questions offering a COMMERCIAL PARTNERSHIP:
The foreign company offers its know-how, its productions and professionalism while
Italy Consulting (Russian partner) makes its facilities, sales networks, experience on the market and everything it has on the territory available.

The good thing is that, in this case, the Russian partner is an Italian entrepreneur with a good CV which certifies his reliability and his professionalism.

What does the Partnership implies:
First of all, the foreign company will have a representative office opened in the facility of Italy Consulting and this will be fully organized by its members.
Later all the supplies, projects, jobs that can be realized on the territory will be analized and the international transports and human resources hiring will be organized.
A representative manager will support all the activities and will organize support services useful to the project.
Furthermore, the project will be present on the local website and all the catalogues, LP presentations, brochures etc. will be translated to Russian language.

The foreign company will help Italy Consulting to face all the operating costs.

Once the project starts, the parts will decide whether it is useful or not to continue promotional activities such as:
Exhibition corners
Regional / national / outside Russia fairs and exhibitions
Presentations / seminars
Sales agents working on the territory
Other forms of advertising

These activities will always be organized by Italy Consulting and paid by the foreign company.

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