The increasing globalization of the construction sector abroad and the importance of remaining competitive and being physically present where it is needed, forces the expert of this sector to delegate some important activities to those local realities who are present in the territory and who have certified experience and a good management and logistics organization.

Italy Consulting is operative in Russia since 1998 and the many years of experience in Italy and abroad of its owner Francesco Cardone (see Business and Professional CV) represent the appropriate solution to what mentioned above.

The "Proxy" is regulated by an agreement of commercial partnership for which the two partners operate together and on the same level using their own skills and professionalism.

First of all, this partnership provides a representation of the company on the territory at the local partner facilities: these are totally available and useful in order to be immediately able to identify, analyze and acquire works / projects / supplies related to public and private clients.

This procedure considerably reduces the costs of the company's commercial start-up and all the business risks, while it guarantees high professional standards.
Works/Projects 1 Phase
(From the company advertising to the award of contract)

  • Identification of works/projects
  • Participation to public/private tenders
  • Investigations on spot/evaluations
  • Budget estimations
  • Negotiations
  • Award of contract
  • Contract details
    Works/Projects 2 Phase
    (From the award of contract to the work execution)

    • General design projects, Interior Designs and /or support to them
    • Construction site and works organization
    • Qualified workers and /or subcontractors hiring
    • Professionals and /or site technicians hiring
    • Construction lands or plantation quarry acquisitions
    • Installation, assembly
    • Works monitoring
    • Delivery to the customer
    • Warranty period verification
        Civil Construction - Commercial - Infrastructural - Restoration

        Construction company

        Poliart is the trademark of Politecna Restauri business network, which made up of the most qualified and expert companies present on the market today. It combines competences and capabilities in the field of restoration of works of particular historical and artistic value.
        Some Piedmontese excellences became promoters of open network to the best Italian companies working in this sector, with the aim of consolidating culture and knowledge that made Italy a country with the richest cultural and artistic heritage of the world, the absolute point of reference of the global landscape.
        The group strives to spread the Italian mastery in restoration, combining tradition and innovation in order to become a reference point acknowledged on an international scale.

        A diversified professional skills of the single companies that make up the network, create a know-how which allows us to have more specialisations and a higher competitiveness.
        The goal of the network is to enter the market covering, by means of diverse experiences, all requirements in the field of restoration: planning, works supervision, plant engineering, restoration of works of art.

        The experiences made by individual companies are unique in the reference market and establish a basis for institutional and training activities.
        The network through the diffusion of its own technical/scientific capital and a direct relationship with Universities, proposes to make a training path in the field in order to create skilled professionals, who will be the bearers of the Italian mastery in the field of restoration at both international and national level.
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