Dear company,
I don't mean to replace the state/public bodies in charge or act as a representative…
I am a simple Italian entrepreneur who intends to promote foreign companies in the east Russia regions and in the former Soviet Union countries.

I focus my attention on manufacturing, Interior Design supplies, Civil/Commercial Contract for what concerns the construction sector and renovation (works and supply), engineering firm, architecture and real estate (see the following sectors). I offer to those who are interested the opportunity to be immediately present on our markets, thanks to the Commercial Partnership.

The people interested in this partnership will fully benefit from my logistical and managerial system which has been stabilized since 1998 thanks to my professional experience in this country and my personal knowledge of its social and economic situation. All these elements guarantee a privileged access to works/ projects/supplies which are identified by us or independently managed by the foreign reality.

We do not ask for money for using our facilities (including consumptions), and for everything else that we offer, but we think it is appropriate for the foreign company to contribute to the costs in order to promote their activities on the territory.
Geom. Сardone Francesco
The owner of the Italian society
About us
ITALY CONSULTING is a Russian company with Italian management: the result of different experiences in Italy and abroad that Francesco Cardone had working with the best Italian companies as employee and as freelance professional and simple entrepreneur in Russia since 1998.

The Company is located in the Volga region, but operates in complete autonomy on the rest of the Russian Federation and the countries of the former Soviet Union. In these countries, the Company has its own local representatives and important contacts in the areas of interest.

The owner's professional experiences, the awareness regarding territorial matters and the social/economic structure of a certain country, his own logistical and organizational structures including an Import/Export office, the commercial networks and the established client portfolio, allow Italy Consulting to face and solve technical/commercial issues that often concern a company which operates in a foreign country.
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